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Portraits of club life around the Zuiderzee.

Nice Together is the work of two photographers and a journalist. The photographers - Koos Breukel and Sander Troelstra - traveled together around the former Zuiderzee to capture their vision of club life in this region. Journalist Thijs Broer describes the sometimes very personal stories behind the (group) portraits.

Published by Waanders Uitgevers
Designed by Sabine Verschueren

  • 23 x 28 cm

  • 160 pagina's

  • Language Dutch

  • Hardcover

  • ISBN 9789462622067

  • Price € 29,95




New Masters shows 30 Dutch contemporary, talented outsider artists. In a series of intimate portraits, photographer Sander Troelstra gives a face to this fascinating world. The photo book contains also the artworks. you come face to face with these unconventional artists and gets acquainted with their hypersensitivity and extraordinary creativity.

Published by OAM Outsider Art Museum
Designed by Kees Peerdeman

  • 21,5 x 32 cm

  • 128 pages

  • Language Dutch-English

  • Hardcover

  • Price € 29,95





Collated by Sander Troelstra in close collaboration with the Jaring family, and containing original texts by Cor himself as well as contributions from the writer Joris van Casteren, the book uses words and images to tell stories from Cor’s life that exemplify his personality and outlook.

Published by Uitgeverij Hannibal and designed by Teun van der Heijden.



  • 24,5 x 19 cm

  • 336 pages

  • Language Dutch

  • Hardcover

  • Quadrichromie

  • ISBN 978 94 9208 129 2

  • Price: € 39,50


COR WAS HIER - Special edition




  • Edition: 50

  • Signed and numbered archival pigment print

  • Leather cord

  • Every edition has unique cover made by Sit

  • Price € 100,00


1003 & 1002


Self published

Only the regular customers of café ‘de Tuin’ in the Jordaan area, Amsterdam, can apply for a personal number.

All photo's by Sander Troelstra
Designed by Arend Portier




  • 25 x 20,5 cm

  • 25 pages

  • Language Dutch

  • Hardcover

  • Price € 50,00