Historical Book Award Arles 2015

Today I received the good news that my photo book Cor Was Here is on the shortlist
for best Historical Book Award 2015 in Arles.

The selection committee, composed of Markus Schaden, Rémi Coignet and Horacio Fernandez, has chosen 93 books among the 728 received books : 72 have been selected for the Author Book Award and 21 for the Historical Book Award.

The winners will be chosen during the opening week of the festival by a jury composed of :- Marta Gili, director of the Jeu de Paume, Paris ; 

  • the 5 nominators of the Discovery Award 2015 : Krzysztof Candrowicz, Louise Clements, Fannie Escoulen, Claire Jacquet and Francesco Zanot ;
  • Vera Michalski, président of the Photosynthèses Editions and Delpire Editions ;
  • Jérôme Marc, Editorial manager at the Fnac of Avignon and Anne Loddo, Art Bookseller at the Fnac of Avignon

The announce will be on Wednesday 8 July at the Ancient Theater.