Dutch National Portrait Award - for 2015

The National Portrait award goes to the photographer that has made the most significant portrait of a Dutch person during the past year. Sander Troelstra won this important award for 2015 with a portrait of the Dutch outsider artist, Ben Augustus. The jury of the National Portrait Award wrote in their report that 'Sander Troelstra is a passionate photographer with a distinctive signature and a high degree of consistency in his work'.

SCENE - Studio Koos Breukel

Together with the Koos Breukel Photographers Family we are building a big group exhibition in the Kunsthal Citroen. 

SCENE - Studio Koos Breukel   12 sept - 25 oct. 2015

Koos Breukel, Sander Troelstra, Daya Cahen, Ringel Goslinga, Laura Cnosssen, Shinji Otani, Anita Swarzlose, Henk Wildschut, Rene de Haan, Angelique van Woerkom, Bianca Pilet en Harald Strak. 

My work: COR WAS HERE & Children of the night.

Tokio juli 2015

Takeshi Ishikawa

Had an encounter with Takeshi Ishikawa.

Japanese Photographer and local hero in Tokio who also happend to be an old assistant of Eugene Smith in the seventies.

Location: Kodoji bar Shinjuku Golden Gai